drag excel column to advstringgrid column


I had a look at string grid example 28 and 29 that shows drag and drop of columns from one grid to another.

Is it also possible to drag an entire excel spreadsheet column to a column on the string grid ?

If so how is that possible?

Is it just some setting changes on the advstringgrid ?

is there an example available or has someone done this before?

Kind regards


If you enable OLE drag & drop, you can drag & drop multiple cells, i.e. also the entire sheet from Excel to TAdvStringGrid.

Hi Bruno

Sorry I am not so familiar with ole

so to enable ole drag and drop ?

is that from excel itself ?

or is it windows property ?

if its a string grid setting then what is the line to enable it ?



You enable OLE drag & drop via grid.DragDropSettings

From page 135, you find information about this in the TAdvStringGrid developers guide.