AureliusConnection Missing DataType XMLTYPE


TMS Aurelius does not recognize the XMLTYPE data type.  This issue was fixed in TMS Data Modeler but is still present in Aurelius.  It is impossible to generate entities for Oracle databases with tables containing XMLType fields.

Instructions to reproduce the problem:
Create a FDConnection to an Oracle database containing tables with fields of type XMLTYPE.
Connect the FDConnection to an AureliusConnection.
Click "Generate entities from database" in the AureliusConnection
"Loading database metadata..." is displayed
"EGUIException: Cannot find datatype: XMLTYPE." is displayed

TMS Aurelius
Rad Studio 10.3 Version 26.0.34749.6593
Windows 10

Thanks, Sidney

A new TMS Aurelius with the fix has not been yet released. Registered customers can contact us via e-mail to receive a patch that solves that issue.

The same happens with Firebird 3 boolean fields.

For Firebird boolean fields you should use dialect "Firebird3", instead of "Firebird"

Hi, in the TAureliusConnection, Connection settings...?

Firebird 3 dialect does not appear.

Just type it directly.

Thank you. It worked.