Aurelius SQL Server 2008R2

I'm starting to use XDATA / Aurelius to bring a Client / Server project in REST format.

SQL Server 2008R2 database

I created two entities using TMS Data Modeler and created an XDATA Server

Running I see

Title "Server API"
Version "1.0"
Namespace "XData.Default"
EntityTypes [...]
Name "Default"
Name "Utenti"
EntityType "Utenti"
Name "UtentiServizio"
EntityType "UtentiServizio"
EnumTypes []
Controllers []

if I access the table from a browser

UtentiServizio All Ok json response ith data

if I access the table

I get the error
code "AureliusOdbcException"
message "Error -1: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near '.2'."

I have the same problem with MS Sql 2018, when I try the table updatestructure with numeric fields I get the error: '' Microsoft] [ODBC 13 driver for SQL Server] [SQL Server] Incorrect syntax near '10'. or "Incorrect syntax near NULL

Can you provide a way we can reproduce the issue here? 

I can send the data modeler projects , the class result and the sql update script?


i'm find the problem, a table contain a field with a reserved  ms sql keyword .... :-)
In my case the problem is not the SQL command but the table has a named field [2Monitor]
SQL accesses the field name, SQL as well but not Aurelius which does not accept the name and gives the indicated error.

You can simply explicitly add a Column attribute and put the field number around brackets:

[Column('[2Monitor]', [TColumnProp.Required {if needed}], 50]
F2Monitor: string;