Aurelius and NexusDB

I've successfully got Aurelius working with my data using SQLite and now am trying to change it to use NexusDB.

I've changed the appropriate SQL drivers etc, and when I run my application it correctly creates all of the tables in NexusDB.

On subsequent executions the program fails during startup when I call UpdateDatabase. It tries to create the tables again, even though they already exist.

I've stepped through the code & it would appear that Aurelius is not correctly importing the database schema (In Aurelius.Schema.NexusDB and Aurelius.Schema.AbstractImporter). Specifically it is not extracting the table names correctly (TSchemaRetreiver.RetreiveTables). The table names are being returned as 'rubbish' characters. Because of this Aurelius tries to re-create the tables because it thinks that they don't exist.

Using latest Aurelius & NexusDB 4.1302 (Trial).

Hello John,

Never seen such an error before. Is it maybe some configuration with NexusDB settings (char encoding, etc.)? Are you able to remove the UpdateDatabase call and simply perform regular CRUD operations on existing tables?

Hi Wagner

Yes, when I remove the UpdateDatabase call it works ok (or at least appears to so far).

I thought it might be char encoding (ascii.unicode or whatever, but so far I can't find any related settings).

What version of NexusDB have you developed / tested against ?

It would appear that this was a bug in NexusDB relating to widestrings.

I've now tested it with v4.1302 and it is now OK.

Sorry to have bothered you.
Update :

It turned out that the trial version of NexusDB I was using was 4.1300 (not 4.1302).

Purchased 4.1302 Standard Edition and it works.

Thank you for the feedback John. I'm glad the problem is solved.