Attachment for TTMSFMXCloudGCalendar

I have seen many properties for each event. Is there a possibility to read attachment('s) for each event?


Unfortunately attachments are currently not supported in TTMSFMXCloudGCalendar.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

It would be very helpful, whether this can be implemeted as I'm looking for such feature. Up to now I could not find any solution. It must be a possibility, because if I add a picture from Google Drive into web calendar; I can find this picture on my tablet.
Maybe you can check within short time, because I will update my subscription for TMS Component Studio. And if so maybe I get a discount for CloudGCalendar as well.

Currently all our resources are allocated to ongoing projects, so unfortunately, we can't interrupt this.

This is now on the feature request list and as soon as we can allocate time, we will look into this.