Are there functional demos with source available?

Where can I find some demos with source about how to use some components of the cloud pack?

For example, I just cant figure out hot to use the Google Sheet component.
All I can do it creating a workbook, but I found no way to work with that workbook, adding rows/cells etc.
I have no clue how to refer to this specific workbook. All following properties and functions in the pdf refer to worksheets, and not to workbooks.


Demo applications with full source code are included with the TMS FMX Cloud Pack download.
A PDF manual is available for download from the product page:

And where are the demos installed? I only have the following folder: Delphi101Berlin, Doc, and about 200+ .pas/.res files, but no demo or demo source.

The demos can be found under the default install folder: ...\My Documents\TMSSoftware...