TMS Pack For Firemonkey


Does anyone know where the demos are for the Firemonkey component pack ?
I've got the full version but there's no demos in there.

Also can not find where to download them, only the full version I downloaded (contains no demos) or the trial version (not sure if contains the demos because it's an EXE file).

Trying to learn how to use the Firemonkey Grid.....


If it was the default install they would be here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMSFMXPack Demos

Note that there will be two tmssoftware folders in your Documents folder, one with the demos and one with the TMS Pack.

Haha, yep did not look in Public Documents folder (very rare I look in there).
Found the demos now. Also, got a reply back from TMS Support about this as well, but thanks for the assist.