ApplyUpdates not committed to database

I have a Web Core application that is used to edit a record in an Oracle database.  There are several pages of data displayed in an FNCPageControl.

When a page is changed, the following code is executed.
  if RenewalsDataset.State in dsEditModes then

The datasource has AutoEdit set to true so the dataset automatically goes back into edit mode when data is entered on a new page.   I have a test page containing a WebDBNavigator and a WebDBGrid so I can make sure everything is working properly.

All changes are being made on the client side and the navigator and grid show everything is working correctly.  However, the data is never updated in the Oracle table on the server.  Access is via Aurelius.  What needs to be done differently?

There was no indication of a problem in the debugger or the application when ApplyUpdates was executed.  I added an AfterApplyUpdates event handler to see if an error was being returned.

Oracle was returning an error because "True" is the default for ValueChecked in the TWebDBCheckBox component.  The four character value was too long for the char(1) field and Oracle rejected the update and generated an error.,

It is important to have an AfterApplyUpdates event so errors can be handled.  In this case, I set  the ValueChecked and ValueUnchecked properties of the check boxes to the appropriate one character values.

This issue is resolved, thanks.

Thank you for the feedback, Sidney.