App Unverified Google Drive

Is anyone experiencing issues with an unverified app in Google Drive?


The message referes to the app verification system that was recently put in place by Google. Unfortunately we have no control over this.

Details on how you can request your app to be verified can be found here:

You have a orientation how to do this?

Here is a guide to get your Google App verified:

I'm having problems, I followed the step by step, I sent a video showing the working of the consent screen, but look at the answer from google:


Please reply to this email and provide a YouTube link to a new demo video that showcases in detail--with the webpages translated into English? Using the Google Translate Extension may assist you in doing this.

  1. How to log into your project (ensuring that the URL bar with the client_id is clearly visible)
  2. How to request an OAuth token (OAuth Consent Screen/Permissions Page)
  3. How your project's functionality will use the data from the requested scope(s).

Note: Please refer to the OAuth 2.0 Scopes page for any scope informatio


But who makes this communication is the component, how to solve it?


You can set the TAdvGDrive.ExternalBrowser to true to display the authentication screen in a full browser window where the URL bar with client_id is visible as requested.

Tnks, I sended the new video, i am waiting the answer.