Allow detail view outside of the tableview?

Is it possible to have a detail view panel show to the right of a tabelview rather than have it slide over the tableview as it does at the moment? Is the TMS news app on the ipad doing it this way?

I see you use a tableview but the details always update to the right on the display when selecting info on the components in the table. How do you achieve this?
Also, as the detail view issue is still to be fixed, how are you able to have your tableview working so nicely at the moment? I've had to stop work on my app because the detail view issue stops the table scrolling/working correctly.

Ok I have decided the ipad app you wrote uses xcode and native ios components to get that table view to work so smoothly. I am sceptical that the firemonkey version will work as well as that one. can you confirm this?

Yes, the TMS News application is written in Xcode with objective-c. The detail view is a separate view placed on the form (split-view), unfortunately there is no specific FireMonkey component for this. The only thing you can do is place a tableview and multiple panels on the form, switching visibility as you select a different item.

The FireMonkey version will not work as smooth as the native version, and that is a problem with FireMonkey, not with the TMS FireMonkey components. Hopefully they continue improve iOS support so the compiled version runs as close as possible to the native version.

As side from that, there are some performance enhancements that can be investigated specifically for the tableview. With the TMSFMXTableView.BufferSize property you can set how many items are loaded initially. When scrolling the next amount of items are loaded, the previous ones destroyed. 

 The next performance improvement would be to switch of all item elements that you are not using in your application.

This can be configured with the TMSFMXTableView.ItemOptions.


The Buffersize is explained in the documentation on page 28-29.

The ItemOptions are explained on page 44 in the Performance chapter.

I've disabled everything possible but have yet to experiment with the buffer values. I presumed that more buffer would have made it smoother but your saying it's better not to allocate too much. I will investigate this.

Aside from that, the tableview using a detail view is currently broken and until this is resolved I cannot use it anyhow. Any estimate of a release date for this issue?

No, the buffersize is the amount of items that are loaded at once, you can decrease this to load less items.

As we are developing on a very important feature for the next update we are currently not able to release until it has been tested and confirmed ready for release. You can request a source update through direct email if you need it urgently. 

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Ok thanks for the info Pieter, appreciate it.