All is not saved to database

My server is in Sweden
When working from Sweden it saves all 4 posts to the table
Even when I am 50 km away
When working from Spain 4000 km away it randomly saves 1, or 2 or 3 and very seldom all 4 posts
My server always has a minimum of 40 MBits/sec both up and down and the respons time is always better than 5 ms

I'm afraid this is too few information to take a rough guess about what i going on.

How are your XData endpoints implemented?
How are you invoking them from the client?
How exactly do you inspect and detect that no records are saved to the databased (that's what I assume you mean by "save posts")?

I can't see any reason for that behavior, if I actually correctly understood it.

The XData Server is working fine and this problem is new. The server has been up running sins march.
You can see that at ""
I have written a small testprogram that You can find at "TMS Web Project"
before the testprogram I Use "HeidiSQL" to look into the database
I can send You the code if You like

I tried your link to web project, but I get this error:

This might be an indication that the problem is with your MySQL server, not XData server.

That do not happen i You click on
Whitch means that the conection betwean XDataServer and my MariaDB works fine
Its only when running the program that this happen and if You repfrech the conection the error message dissapear, and stays away
Also there is an intresting thing that happens when click on run You first see all 4 in the first table but then some disapear.

What should I do with this program?

First click on delete if something is showing in the three boxes below. Then click on run
The program then saves first the changeable numbers in the left column and the in an other table the middle one and last in a third table the right column numbers.

The 3 boxes shows what are saved It shows first the ID number if the person and then then the number

Very seldom all 4 numbers are saved fore each column. But if You click run once or twice again it will all be saved
Strange is that first all 4 numbers are shown and then only some of them are remaining

I can send You the code if You want


When I do this, I already get something like this:

Please review your infrastructure.

I have now changed the start of the testprogram so it waits for a db connection
But the fault still remains. It is still random how muched is saved when clicking run the first time.
But clickin run again saves all