Align ignored when adding a TFrame

The following code does not align right on the inserted form. The align is ignored and the frame ends up with it's top left at 0,0

procedure TForm3.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  f: TFrame;
  f := TFrame1.Create(self);
  f.Parent := self;
  f.Align := alRight;

This also occurs for a TTMSFNCPanel if it's inserted and then the align is set, and also on a TTMSFNCPanel that was placed on the form at design time with align = alNone then changed to alRight at run time (it stays where it was placed at design time).

Is this based on the latest release v1.6.0.0. as work was done on this.

I believe it is the latest. I'm using as downloaded from the beta version on the my products page. I think I have also read that there may have been some updates to this but I don't know how to tell what update I'm on or how to tell what update is in the my products.

If you wish, I could download and install it again. If so, should I reinstall both the FNC components and the WEB Core or just thew WEB Core ?

Hi Bruno,

I have just downloaded and installed the release version of and can confirm that the align is now working perfectly.

Many thanks !

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