AdvWordCategoryCloud: reach a word by value


I would like create a labelling/tagging sytem by AdvWordCategoryCloud and AdvListEditor.

I can save the user's settings (value) by going through the AdvWordCategoryCloud.

But in reverse direction ?
I read the settings from database, and then how i can reach the good word by value (this saving in database) ?

I think like Combobox.Items.IndexOfObject.

I not found the solution, the AdvWordCategoryCloud not present in Help, Samples, Docs.

Thanks in advance.

Right now, there is no built-in function for this. You'd need to loop through the AdvWordCloud.Words collection and check for the value.

We have added 2 new functions: AdvWordCloud.Words.IndexOfText/AdvWordCloud.Words.IndexOfValue that will allow you to do this and this will be available in the next update.


The new functions are arrived in TMS, thanks.

But i use AdvWordCategoryCloud.

For example i would like to set selected=true for word when value=9 ?

Must go through the all AdvWordCategoryCloud.Category ? Categories[0].Words[...], Categories[1].Words[...], ...
This dont work : out of list index.

Possible ideas:
- category.Value, category.IndexOfValue
- Categories.Words     : all words, not category/words

You should be able to locate the index of a word within a category with code like:


Yes, i wrote this too.

But this not usable.

The categories not have value.  The CategoryIndex <> the ID of category (what i save/load), beacuse for example the ABC order of categories.

The AdvWordCategoryCloud more usable, when
- categories have value
- categories have IndexOfValue.

Next update will have a Tag property for TWordCategory that should help you.

Thanks, this good for store the category ID, but for find the ID, 
to loop through the categories.

Yes, a loop would be required if you want to search multiple categories.

If AdvWordCategoryCloud_2.Categories:=AdvWordCategoryCloud_1.Categories, the Tag value not passed to AdvWordCategoryCloud_2 !

Next update will address this.