AdvStringGrid: Select on Sort


using AdvStringGrid I noticed, that some row is automatically selected when calling Sort(int, bool) on it.
When there was no selection before calling Sort, I would have expected the grid to stay unselected.

With QSort I didnt notice such auto-selection. But here the sort-arrows in the header didnt update when setting
SortSettings->Column = someColumn;
SortSettings->Direction = true

Is this selection behaviour correct?

Thanks for your support.

This sorts a grid and makes the sort direction visible

>   advstringgrid1.RandomFill(false);
>   advstringgrid1.SortSettings.Show := true;
>   advstringgrid1.SortSettings.Column := 1;
>   advstringgrid1.SortSettings.Direction := sdAscending;
>   advstringgrid1.QSort;

For a default grid, there is always an active row, regardless of sorting.