AdvStringGrid performance

Hi Forum,

currently I'm trying to display a huge amount of rows (>100k).
In general it work quite fine (presuming you have enough ram).
Scrolling is OK so far, but if you apply a filter that will hide about 95% of the data (the rows must not be in sequence), scrolling is getting really slow....
I debugged a bit and found in DrawGridCell() that RealRowIdex[] is called ...
in RealRowIndex: ... RemapRowInv is called...
Here is a loop that detects which Row is Invisible --> the more far the row is at the end, this loop takes much longer (i have >100000 lines).
If I have a wish for free, I would like to see, that a positive list/index of Visble rows mapped to RealRows would be used.... I guess an incredible speed-up would be the result (or am I wrong), not only when filtering but also when working with invisible rows!

best regards

We've applied an improvement to avoid using RealRowIndex when showing modified rows is not enabled.
This improvement will be in the next update of TAdvStringGrid.

.. indeed with it's much better! :-)