AdvStringGrid.LoadFromCSV get empty rows

When I import a csv file I get 2 rows for each import line, the second row is empty.  I think it is caused by an end of line character.  How do I instruct LoadFromCSV to not insert the empty rows?

Using a binary file viewer I see that each end of line sequence is: CR CR LF.  Can LoadFromCSV handle this somehow?  Maybe an event triggered that lets me filter one of the CR characters?

I decided to abandon LoadFromCSV and use direct file access instead.  A bit crude but it is now working correctly.  So I use ReadLN for each text line, which can handle the EOL correctly, and then add the text to the row.  Maybe one day LoadFromCSV will have an update to fix this.

It is unusual that a CSV file would be line by line terminated by a double CR. The grid has no built-in setting to handle this very specific / special case.