Help with ASG LoadFromCSV

I am using AdvStringGrid and C++Builder XE4 I am working on the VCL 32 bit platform. My registration is current.

I have a CSV file that sometime has just one column. In the single column there is a dash - with a space in front and after it. This is the negative sign for a number like this:   - 5

The function LoadFromCSV() is breaking the file into two columns at the dash - So LoadFromCSV is using the - as a separator. Is there a way I can prevent LoadFromCSV from doing this?



The grid tries to guess what column delimiter is used by counting the possible delimiter characters on the first 2 lines of the CSV file.
If this guess doesn’t work reliable (by the use of special characters in these 2 lines), try to set the delimiter programmatically to a fixed character with for example:

Grid.Delimiter := ‘;’;