AdvStringGrid GetCellColor in preview and print

I have a stringgrid with data and selected cells collered with onGetCellColor.
The color appears in the stringgrid, but when I make a preview no colors are visible.
Is this a setting?

Do you mean print preview here?
If so, assign your OnGetCellColor event also to OnGetCellPrintColor

Yes, this works, thank you.
What I noticed is that suppressed cols are in the preview and print visible.The same is for SavetoXLS.
Further, I merged some cells and when I export to Excel (SavetoXLS) these cells are no merge anymore and the value is put in every cell I merged. So if I merge row 0 and coll 0 to10 the value in my grid or preview is put in every 10 cells in row 0.

Also the programmaticly changed col sizes are ignored

  1. It does not take suppressed columns in account for preview or print. Use column hiding if this is needed or set grid.PrintSettings.NoAutoSize = true
  2. To export to XLS with cell merging & colors, use TAdvGridExcelIO or the TMS VCL Excel Bridge

Do I need an update?

What exactly did you install?