AdvSpreadGrid AddMarker docu/ideas?

I want to set a marker in the first column (fix column 0), when a cell of that row is modified. Within an event I know (by comparing old and nwe value) when a cell had been changed - but I'm stiil trying to find out, how to mark the first (fix) column of the row.

Therefore I found the method "AddMarker( int ACol, int ARow,  int ErrPos, int ErrLen)" but I cannot find any documentation or had a successfull try.

Knows anybody more about the "AddMarker" method?
Any other idea, how to set a marker (ideally set and unset and get info, if a marker exists)?

Thanks a lot for sharing your kowledge !

With kindest regards,

Jochen Noeckel

There is a built-in feature that can do this. When you set AdvSpreadGrid.ShowModified.Enabled = true, it will indicate rows where a cell value changed by a marker rectangle in the first (fixed) column. Default, this is a small yellow rectangle but the color can be modified with AdvSpreadGrid.ShowModified.Color

Bruno Fierens,
Thanks a lot for your quick response. I'll try this built-in feature.

Nevertheless I would be interested, how the "AddMarker" can be used - If there is some time - really not today and not urgent - can you (or anybody else) give some hints for its usage?

Thanks again and have a nice weekend
Jochen Noeckel

AddMarker is a function to mark parts of a cell content as erratic by underlining the text with a curvy red line. So, the result of the following code snippet is:

  advstringgrid1.Cells[1,1] := 'Hello world';