There is a way to detect if someone has actually signed a in AdvSignatureCapture?
The property Signature in VCL version is not present


It is hard to tell from code whether some action on the TAdvSignatureCapture is a signature or not.
You could detect from the OnMouseDown, OnMouseMove, OnMouseUp if there was some actual mouse activity ove this control.

Ok but following other thread in FMX version there is TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.SignaturePoints.Count usefull to this problem

Checking if signature points = 0 can be done with AdvSignatureCapture.Empty: boolean

Ok, not a real solution because whith a sigle mouse click i have not empty but not a signature

It is the same with TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.SignaturePoints, it records any mouse activity on the panel.

Sorry I did not understand.
With the SignaturePoints count I can at least decide a minimum threshold of points while with only the empty property I cannot know

If this helps you, we will expose the signature points list as public property in the next update.

thanks i think it can help