AdvShapeButton versus TFrame

I'm using the 'AdvToolBarPager' ( for a MS Office 2010 look and like to create a submenu for the 'AdvShapeButton' (

In the AdvToolbar demo ( there is an example based on a TFrame. I'm using C++ Builder XE but can't make it work. In design-time it's impossible to connect the TFrame property to a TFrame. Setting 'AdvShapeButton1->Frame = TMSFrame1;' in run-time doesn't work ether. Is there a particular setting which I'm missing?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I cannot see a problem with this. Drop the frame you created on the form with the TAdvShapeButton and then you should be able to assign it at design time in the object inspector without any issue.

I prefer using the TFrame on run-time instead of design-time. This doesn't work. Any ideas how to handle this problem?

I cannot see how there could be an issue then to assign this runtime created frame to AdvShapeButton.Frame.