AdvShape: RoundRect doesn't get always filled

First, I hope this is the correct Forum for issues about AdvShape.

Second, this might be a Windows-related problem.

Third, the Version history of the AdvShape.pas we are using only goes to, so maybe this problem has already been adressed.

But anyway, here is the issue:

A TAdvShape with it's shape type set to stRoundRect does not always get filled by the Color set in it's Appearance.Brush property.

You first have to "change" the Appearance.Brush property (selecting the same value is sufficient).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Place a TAdvShape with the desinger.
2. Change the Shape property to "stRoundRect"

Expected result: you get the outline of a rounded rectangle with no fill Color

3. Click on the Appearance.Brush.Color property which should be set to "clWhite" and re-select "clWhite"

Expected result: the shape now has a white fill.

This is not a serious issue because checking for stRoundRect and then resetting it's Appearance.Brush.Color value right befor calling Paint works, but still probably something to note.

We applied a fix for this. When Appearance.Color / Appearance.ColorTo is used (i.e. color values<>clNone), the gradient will be drawn. When Appearance.Color / Appearance.ColorTo are clNone, Brush.Color is used for a solid color with pattern Brush.Style
The next release will have this fix.