AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar on top


How can I set an AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar on top of the form.
I can't find the align property.
Or must I set some other components?

Is this the latest version of the component you use as I do see the AdvRichEditorFormatToolbar.Align property here in the Object Inspector.

Version of the AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar:

I've install the last version
The version of the advRichEditorFormatToolBar is now

In the object inspector I can not find the property align.

Try to add image.

Did not work with the 'insert image'.
also not with the 'past from Word'

How can I load an image into my Post

I cannot see a problem with inserting an image here. What exact code / steps do you use?

Our test code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

and the image is inserted in the document as expected.

I want to upload an image into this forum. So, you can see that the property 'align' is not in the object inspector.

You can use a service like  to include images in this forum.

In the image you can see that the property 'align' isn't in the object inspector.

Upon verification, the latest internal version is not yet in the latest release. 
This will be done for the next update.< ="text/" ="">< ="text/" ="">< ="text/" ="">< ="text/" ="">