Right-click in AdvRichEditor opens a popup menu with the items clear, cut, copy etc.
1. How can I change the item text to an other language?
2. Is it possible to add some own menu items to the right-click popup?

I know with AdvRichEditor.PopupMenu I can use my own popup. But then the items clear, cut, copy etc. are missing or I have to program them myself (but I don't know how to do that).

The text on the popup menu comes from a resource string so can be changed this way.

  SRECopy   = 'Copy';
  SRECut    = 'Cut';
  SREPaste  = 'Paste';
  SREClear  = 'Clear';
  SREAlign  = 'Align';
  SRELeft   = 'Left';
  SRECenter = 'Center';
  SRERight  = 'Right';

We have added a new event OnBeforePopupMenu via which you will be able to further customize. This event will be in the next update.