OnBeforePopupMenu is not throw by TAdvRichEditor


I'm trying to implement the OnBeforePopupMenu event that was mentioned by @brunofierens in this post (AdvRichEditor - #2 by brunofierens) but I'm not able to get it work.

I have a working project with a TAdvRichEditor and I wanted to add some more popup items when the selected object was an image so I added the event (OnBeforePopupMenu) but none happens. I mean that if I right click over the TAdvRichEditor, the standart menu pops up but the event is not raised at all. Do it need to work with a property to activate it?

I know I can add my own custom popup menu using the PopupMenu property but I don't want to develop all the functionality that it's present in the default popup menu embedded with the TAdvRichEditor.

Thanks and regards.

OnBeforePopupMenu is triggered when the component is created after the default items are added to the default built-in popupmenu. The internal default popupmenu is passed via this event and from there, you can further customize it, i.e. add extra menu items. We tested this here and OnBeforePopupMenu is triggered when the component is created.

Thanks for the reply. I assumed that the event (maybe its name is a bit mischieving) was triggered before every popup event but it's now crystal clear that it's thrown only one time after the component creation. I've tested it and it works as you pointed out. It was a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge from my side. Thanks for your info as always.