AdvRichEditor problem loading data

Hello dear developer team!

Originally I had a problem to load some datasets into a TDBAdvRichEditor: application hangs while loading.
I seems the problem is in TAdvRichEditorBase.GetSize and there in the while loop.

I could reproduce it in an other test app with a TAdvRichEditor.
I dumped one of theese datasets into an ASCII hex text file and load this into the test app, convert it into binary data, save this into a MemStream and finally load that into the RichEditor.
The AdvRichEditor1.LoadFromStream(ms) hangs the application...
Please note: only some of tousends datasets are affected!

May be the data are corrupted from older versions of TDBAdvRichEditor?
The test dataset was created in February 2019.

Do you think it is possible to fix it?
I can provide the test env in case if you are interrested.
Please let me know. Thank you!

(Delphi 11.3 UIPack

Can you send such file with which we can reproduce the problem with LoadFromStream() so we can inspect?

Hello Bruno,

I've sendet the test project by email.

Thank you for your support!

Sorry, I have not seen this email so far

Hello Bruno,

could you or your team reproduce discribed behavoir with my data/code?

As I mentioned, I have not seen an email.
If you send an email, avoid to include files like EXE files, JS files, etc... as such file types typically cause emails to be blocked for security reasons.

Hello Bruno,

did you recieve my "personal message" form June, 5th with my code attached? (Sended from this board - witout any exe - just *.pas, *.dpr, *.dproj in a zip called "")

Have a nice day!

I was unable to allocate time this week due to preparations & travel for
It is on my todolist upon return

Hello Bruno!
Ahh, I see. I don't want to stress you! Only want to be shure you got the message...
Good luck!