AdvRichEditor / HTML

I use AdvRichEditor and AdvRichEditorHTMLIO to write and send mails (with Indy). It works perfect.
After sending the mail the HTML code and Images are saved in a table.
Is there a way to reproduce the mail from the stored data to display the original mail in AdvRichEditor?

I can load the HTML code with AdvRichEditorHTMLIO.LoadHTML().
But I can't find a way to load the Images.

You'd need to extract the images from the table as (temporary) file as the HTML has references to the image filenames. The email cannot be sent when the images referred to would be only in your local table.

I know the references to image filenames an it is also no problem to create an mail from the the stored data and send it with indy again.
The used table is an overview for the user what he has already sent like the outbox in outlook (sent objects).
It would be nice if the stored data could be displayed like the original email.

The only solution I see is encoding the images as embedded in the HTML but I'm not sure all mail readers support this. So 1) the mail reader support must be investigated 2) if 1) is OK, we need to extend the TAdvRichEditor HTML generating code so it can use embedded images.

A quick check for 1) shows it is already problematic with Outlook