AdvRichEditor - copy to another

What is the best way to copy the contents of a AdvRichEditor to another AdvRichEditor?

code look like:

AdvRichEditor_ATS_View_Resume.context.Content := AdvRichEditor2_ATS_Resume_notvis.Context.Content;

I'm getting a Invalid Pointer when I exit the program, if I comment out the line above, I don't see any errors.  Therefore, is this the best way to move the contents of one advRichEditor to another advRichEditor?


  ms: TMemoryStream;

  ms := TMemoryStream.Create;
  ms.Position := 0;

Bruno, thanks as always!  One of the small problems with TMS is that the components are so strong and deep that frankly I miss things from time to time.  Once you stated MemoryStream the mind was like of-course!  I truly love the products and components, they are wide and deep!!!  Thanks again!