ADVRichedit losses Paragraph sign function


I have a problem with the RichEdit compont and Paragraph sign.

If I save a document as RTF and reload the document again, the function of the paragraph sign (Number, point etc) is not anymore working.
they will be shown, but the functionallity is not anymore working

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I'm not sure what you mean with "paragraph sign", your text seems to suggest this concerns bullets?

I have retested loading bullets here but I could not see a problem with this.
Can you please provide more details about your issue?


yes you are right, i mean the Bullets

I'm saveing an RTF File    AdvRichEditorRTFIO1.Save(myfile.rtf)

If I reopen the RTF File    AdvRichEditorRTFIO1.Load(OpenDialog1.FileName), then I see the Bullets, but they are not anymore working.
Sometimes, you see also that the sign is changing

Original Document

After reopening the Document

The Same happens when I use numbers

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After reloading the saved file

before relaoding

We could reproduce this and it's on our todolist to investigate.

Thanks for the Information

I justed updated to the latestet Version (TADVRicheditor V1.6.0.4)

The problem still persist in this Version

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Torsten Hunnenberg

It needs more work on the RTF parser which is a very complex part and we could not complete this work for this planned release.

Additional Information

If I use the "DOT" or "->" as Bullet, and save the File in RTF Format and reopen it in Microsoft Word, this sign will be show wrong the "DOT"

  • will be shown as

  • The "->" Sign will be changed to "-"

  • This means this error happens already during saving to RTF

  • If I use the Numbers (1., 2. ...) as Bullets, Microsoft Word is showing them correctly and the function of this Bullets is still working
  • If I reopen the RTF File in the TADVRichEditor, this Bullets will be shown, but with out the function of a bullet

  • Is there any Setting what I'm doing wrong ?

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The Wingdings symbol we export for the bullet doesn't seem properly recognized by MS Word. We'll investigate this deeper.


when this problem will be solved (approximately)

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A very high workload has prevented us from finishing this. We hope to address this in the coming days.



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