AdvOfficeRadioButton Tab Behavior

When I put several AdvOfficeRadioButtons on a form, the tab key cycles among the radiobuttons. This is not consistent with standard Windows behavior, which would be to tab to/from the selected radiobutton and the arrow keys cycle among the radio buttons. The same inconsistency is exhibited by AdvOfficeRadioGroup. 

Are there some properties that I can set to get TMS radiobuttons to cycle in the Windows-standard manner?

Thank you

Can be controlled with the TabStop property.

I don't think my question was specific enough. Place two generic TRadiobuttons and two TAdvOfficeRadioButtons on a form. Add a few items to each and set the Tabstop property to false for all radio button. Notice the difference in tab behavior between the two types of RB. With the generic RB, tab takes you to one of the generic RBs and the next tab navigates to the next non-generic-RB. Navigation within the generic RBs is with arrow keys. With the Adv RB, tab cycles among each of the Adv RBs. I have tried changing the Tabstop property as you suggested but can't achieve the Windows-standard behavior displayed by the generic RBs. Sorry if I am missing something obvious.

Please disregard my last post. I believe that the difference between generic and Adv radiobuttons that led to my confusion is that the generic RB automatically coordinates the Checked and Tabstop properties. Setting Checked = True sets Tabstop=True and setting Checked = False sets Tabstop = False. The Adv RB does not do this which makes it made it less obvious to me how to achieve standard Windows behavior.

As noted above, I have figured out how to make this work with individual radio buttons. However, I can't figure out how to get this to work with TAdvOfficeRadioGroup. If I set the group's tabstop = false;l then I can't tab to the group. If I set it to true then each item in the group becomes a tabstop. How can I configure it so that tab goes to the currently selected item without also cycling through each item?

If my question is not clear, put a generic TRadioGroup and the TMS version on a form. Put two items in each and set itemindex=1. Set Tabstop = True for each group and run. Notice the difference in how tab is handled between the generic and TMS groups. Can you tell me specifically what to set to get the TMS group handle tab in the same way as the generic TRadioGroup?

We have fixed this issue with TAdvOfficeRadioGroup. Next update will address this.

Thank you