AdvOfficePager - I need to appear the tab on top right instead of top left

I need to position the tab on top, but need it to appear in top right instead of top left, is it possible.
for that i try this code and success but rotate the arabic text as mirror.

SetWindowLong(AOP->Handle, GWL_EXSTYLE,
InvalidateRect(AOP->Handle, 0, True);

I'm not sure I understand. The tab now auto sizes to the text, so this text is always centered. Or do you mean something different?
Do you have perhaps a screenshot to make this more clear?

I mean when the AdvOffice Pager tabs appear in top the tabs appears from left to right , what i need is tabs to appear from right to left as in screenshot attached.
I use windows API to do that but do something error, is rotate verything in advofficepager enen a text revers the letters as miror, the windows API I add it in the first message,
Ayman Alheraki

other tip thing.
the reverse command to do that i found it in Raize (konopka components) from Embarcadero TrzPageControl do everything good when i put the property TabSequence to tsReverse.

This isn't a trivial change.
We'll need to investigate if we can extend the component with this capability in a future version.

Ok, Thanks