AdvMemo Autocomplete window


Why does the autocomplete dropdown form force the application.mainform to the foreground?

I created a modal dialog in a dll. When I hit <Ctrl-Space> to invoke the auto-complete list form, the application.mainform pops to the top of the z-order, even though Application.ModalPopupMode = pmAuto.

Why is this hapenning, and more importantly how can I prevent it?

Delphi 2010, and both host and dll are build with run-time packages.


So far, I couldn't reproduce this problem. Maybe you do something special in owner/parent relation between the application window and the modal form that contains the TAdvMemo?

The only 'special' thing I can think of is that both the host .exe form and the dll form override the CreateParams to set WS_EX_APPWINDOW. Also Application.ModalPopupMode := pmAuto

None of my other TForm based dialogs bring the host form to the front. (ShowMessage, MessageDlg, etc).


I still cannot reproduce this.

Can you please provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here.