AdvMemo a memory hog?

Hi! I'm using TAdvMemo to show medium to large log files, all processes nice, fast and without leaks. Now I started to do performance analysis to tune the log scanning and see a jump in application memory from 12MB (no file loaded) to 970MB (load of a 24MB file, 650k lines). When I replace AdvMemo with the standard memo, after slow loading the application only has 64MB memory consumption, this looks far more realistic considering the file size. I only exchanged the lines clear and loadFrom File.

Is TAdvMemo eating memory for internal structures, or am I doing something strange? I do not want to edit but just show, so I set readOnly to true, and the memo gutter I use for line numbers. Any hint welcome, this is a killer for me as I need to work on multiple files in parallel.

Thanks, Matthias

The memo internally uses an object per line for management of the syntax styling. I suspect this is causing what you see. We'll inspect whether we can optimize memory usage of this object for a future version.

Thanks for the info, that could really explain it. Shame, because especially the syntax highlighting I love in this setup as it quickly shows errors and warnings and specials in my logs. So for larger logs I should switch to a "no highlighting" old fashioned memo for the time being - looking forward to a fix.