AdvGridExcelIO and cell borders


AdvGridExcelIO don't draw the cell borders to a AdvStringGrid, so i try to made this by my own.
The problem is, that there is no event in AdvGridExcelIO like "OnGetCellFormat" or something similar.
How i can access the cell format (after or during import) of the xls file?

regards, Andreas

At this moment, border customizing in TAdvStringGrid can only be done dynamically in code by implementing event handles OnGetCellBorder / OnGetCellBorderProp.  This makes it far from trivial to add cell border import from Excel files in TAdvStringGrid.

I know that.

The problem is, that i don't know how/where to access the information
to the cell format on the component AdvGridExcelIO.
Example: I want to import a sheet having a thick top border on cell "B2".
Where will the AdvGridExcelIO provide this Information?

regards, Andreas

At this moment, TAdvGridExcelIO is not exposing this because the cell borders can only be set dynamically.