AdvGlowButton Radio Group Transparency Issue


I'm creating an Office 2010 style Ribbon app and I want to use a set of AdvGlowButtons as radio buttons so I've set their GroupIndex to be the same, non-zero value. If the buttons are non-transparent then everything works as expected but I want them to be transparent with only the selected button in its Down state and highlighted. If I set the buttons to be transparent then I can see that the correct button is being highlighted when clicked but when it's released it goes back to being transparent so you can't see which one is currently Down. I've tried using the buttons in bsCheck mode but then they don't change at all.
Any suggestions?
TMS Component Pack
C++ Builder XE
Win 7

Thanks for reporting. We have traced & solved this issue. We can confirm that the next update
will address this.

Thanks for your help. I'll look forward to the next release.