AdvGlowButton is holding the glow

Hello Guys

I am using AdvGlowButton with AdvToolBarPager and AdvToolBar.

I have some buttons in my AdvToolBars and when my mouse is hover, the button glows and when my mouse leaves, it turn off, ok so far.

But if I pass the mouse fastly on each button all of them become glow and didn't turn off.

How to solve this?

The version of my AdvGlowButton is


You can see the problem here

Delphi version? OS?

Delphi 7 - Windows 7

Please, give any feedback on this


We can't reproduce this here so far. Is this happeningn on multiple machines?
Can you try to set the global variable GlowSpeed (defined in AdvGDIP.pas) to zero and retest?

Yeah, when I set the GlowSpeed to 0 it worked very fine. 

Bruno, sometimes the glow didn't turn off :((

when I pass the mouse fastly over a button and leaves it, the button keeps the glow .

I really need this fix

I have retested this here especially with GlowSpeed = 0, Delphi 7, Windows 7 and our Office2007Demo but I couldn't reproduce the problem.

I really don't understand how it works so fine over there and with me no.
Could you send me a compiled example by email so that I can see if  the problem is with my computer, OS or something else.

Send me an example compiled in D7


All we did was compile our demo Office2007Demo  as supplied  with Delphi 7 and ran this on Windows 7.

Bruno, then I don't know what it could be, because as it is displayed in my image, all the buttons that I have when the mouse pass over the buttons fastly, it leaves all buttons turned on.

Have you tried to pass the mouse over buttons fastly?
This problem is nagging me a lot. I suppouse that the problem is in timer to turn off the buttons, when the mouse goes fastly over many buttons, the code of timer gets lost.

Yes, I tested this with moving the mouse over the buttons fast and multiple times.

Are you testing this on a slow machine? Did  you try to test this on multiple machines?

This issue was also reported last year  (16/09/2011)

I also had the same problem with glow buttons holding the glow when moving the mouse over them quickly.

The fix that he suggested  (copied below) solved the problem for me. (The line number is probably different on the latest version of AdvGlowButton.pas)

for your information : problem is solved when you remove line 4763 in advglowbutton.pas (TAdvCustomGlowButton.MouseMove) :
FMouseInControl := true;

thanks very much Steve, It solved my problem. 

Glad to help.

Bruno, does this fix need to go into your master source??

It will be integrated in the next update.