advdbgrid CellBalloon issue

 if APPLICATION enable runtime themes is TURNED OFF the cell balloon information
does not 'work'.  - It looks like the event does not fire.
Same environment -as soon as enable runtime themes is turned on - it works...
What am I missing. Is there another property or method to look at?
Thanks in advance

latest VCL Component pack,

This is by design. Balloons are an implementations in the COMCTRLS v6 from Windows and when app themes are not enabled, the app falls back to use an earlier version of COMCTRLS that does not have this Windows balloon API.

Thank you Bruno for the answer.

I am using a TMS Office 2010 ribbon application and wanted the application 'non-transparent'.

While enabling run time themes is it possible for the form NOT to be transparent with  the AdvToolbarTager or AdvToolBarOfficeStyler or Form?


Not for Office 2010 style, for Office 2013 or Office 2016 it is not transparent.
For Office 2010 style, the transparency is part of this style (like it also is in Office 2010 Word, Excel, ..) 


I went back to disabling runtime themes and got the basic look of the application I wanted
and used hints for the grids instead of balloon hints.