AdvDBFilterDialog case

I am just trying to implement the AdvDBFilterDialog and have a few questions.

I seem unable to to get the "Case" checkbox to work, I assume this enables case sensitivity for filters.

If link to a Table component I cant get the AdvDBFilterDialog to filter the results at all, using a Query component I can filter the dataset with the exception of the case option mentioned above.

Also is there an option to perform the Restorefilter programmatically or a pre-populate the AdvDBFilterDialog when the dialog is reopened without having to click the "Restore Filter" button

What exact table are you using? It might be a limitation of the table filter.

The AdvDBFilterDialog will get & set the Table.Filter, so you can use this value to pre-populate the AdvDBFilterDialog.

I am using EDB. Monitoring the AfterFilter event it doesn't appear that the SQL or filter properties change when the case button is selected. The demo app appears also to be case insensitive regardless of the case checkbox status, searching for "audi" always finds all the "Audi".

I was wanting to achieve the functionality that every time the AdvFilterDialog was opened it would repopulate with the currently applied filer instead of having to click the restore filter button (which could then be hidden). it would be nice to have a function like the AdvFilterDialog.RestoreFilter like the current AdvFilterDialog.ResetFilter

As explained, for case sensitivity, this is a limitation of the TDataSet. Consider using a TQuery based dataset if case sensitivity is necessary.
For restoring the filter, we saw an issue with the TDataSet filter retrieval and have fixed this. Next update will address this.

i think you misunderstand,if I use a table component I don't seem to get any filtering of the table when using AdvDBfilterDialog if I use a query component then the filter is applied to the query however the case sensitivity option has no effect on the results.