Adding Multiview to WebGMaps

Is there a way to add Multiview to WebGMaps? I am using 10.3.2 delphi, TMSFMXWebGMaps version I tried putting Toolbar with Button and a multiview at the WebGMaps FMX and compiled with Android, it did not work. Please help.


TTMSFMXWebGMaps needs to be a child of the main form, because the underlying component is native, and does not listen to the parent/child relationship of a default FMX component.

So if I will declare the component i.e. TabControl  - TabItem, where the WebGMaps is holding, as "ClipAsParent" I can now add a Multiview to that TabControl-TabItem?

You can add the control, but the map itself will lie on top of all other controls. There is no way around this other than manually toggling the visibility when a tab changes.