Access Violation when Evaluating CallProc

We get an error in evaluating CallProc.
The script recognizes the function TestLocate, but the code stops and gives the error in a subroutine TestLocateCore(Sender) of the main routine TestLocate without further information.

Any ideas what we should do? All seems right to me...

Access violation at address 0000000002ED1870 in module 'TEST.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF when evaluating instruction CallProc ($0,$3,$2D887D0,$0,'TestLocate').
Stack content is: [].
Source position: 5,30
Position: 5,30

Does this concern the TMS Scripter product?

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Regarding the question: I don't know what TestLocate is. Please provide a project or exact steps to reproduce the issue, thank you.

Here is the case.
I have created an instance of a class eg TmyClass.
I have my scripter created and I have passed to the parameter "module" the value "self" (self is the instance of TmyClass).
I need to call an internal function of the TmyClass called TestLocate (which I have done DefineMethod).
And then I get the above error.
These are the steps, it is a bit difficult to make project example (because of the heaviness of the project itself) but I will try it.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, please create a separate project reproducing the issue. It's also a way for you to learn what is going on.