Access violation on shutdown 2020.06

Seeing an access violation on shutdown with 2020.06 in XE7 and 10.4

stack trace from XE7 

exception message  : Access violation at address 1E3372CD in module 'FixInsight.Parser.dll'. Read of address 00000000.

main thread ($5b14):
1e3372cd FixInsight.Parser.dll Parser.SymbolTable.Classes   223 TSymbolTable.Reset
1e3375aa FixInsight.Parser.dll Parser.SymbolTable.Classes   280 TSymbolTableIntf.Reset
1e35fb04 FixInsight.Parser.dll Parser.Classes               499 TParserConfiguration.Reset
1cde4d08 FixInsight_XE7.bpl    FixInsight.Expert            127 TFixInsightExpert.Destroy
50066bf6 rtl210.bpl            System                     37030 TInterfacedObject._Release
50066a9c rtl210.bpl            System                     36046 @IntfClear
500636d0 rtl210.bpl            System                     31435 @FinalizeArray
500635c0 rtl210.bpl            System                     31136 @FinalizeRecord
500636c0 rtl210.bpl            System                     31423 @FinalizeArray
50063ac9 rtl210.bpl            System                     32629 @Dispose
20825e71 coreide210.bpl        ExpertReg                     99 UnregisterExpertGroup

Hello Vincent,

We are already debugging this. I'll be back to you asap.

Please try this build

So far so good, no av's on shutdown - I'll do more testing this week.

worked form me too !

Any news when the version 2020.6.1 will be available?

That version works for me too on 10.4.1 - any plans for an official release?