Your components for Delphi 11

RAD Studio 11 is here

Our team has been working around the clock to get our product installers ready with support for RAD Studio 11! This is no light task given the amount of products we have for RAD Studio users.
It is with pleasure that we can announce that for active registered users there is already a large number of products ready now with support for RAD Studio 11!

You can get the list of products with support now and track when new updates come available in the coming days with support at this page.

High DPI

The main new feature of RAD Studio 11 is of course that it runs now in high DPI. The source code is now rendered nicer on high DPI displays and for the form designer, there are a couple of configurations how it can be rendered on high DPI displays. It is not clear yet to us what form designer configuration will be your favorite. Of course, this impacts also our visual component design-time rendering (and we have a lot :wink:) so we look forward to your feedback and it will be an ongoing process for us to fine-tune the components for the various design-time high DPI configurations. Stay tuned.

Product trial versions

From today, our team will also start working on adding product trial versions specifically for RAD Studio 11. You will see these trial downloads appearing on our various product pages shortly.

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