XLSExport Option has bug

ExcelIO, It's very helpful to me. Thank you.

I found a wiered code in XLSExport() at tmsAdvGridExcel.pas.

That code is below...

(Line 2133)

           if (InsertInSheet = InsertInSheet_InsertColsExceptFirstAndSecond) then dc:=1;
           GridColCount := CurrentGridColCount;
           if Options.ExportHiddenColumns then Inc(GridColCount, CurrentGrid.NumHiddenColumns);
           cols := GridColCount - GridStartCol - dc * 2;
           if cols > 0 then Workbook.InsertAndCopyRows(Max_Columns + 1, Max_Columns + 1, XlsStartCol + dc, cols ,true);


In this, Last line Call Workbook.InsertAndCopyRows() instead InsertAndCopyCols().

How about that?

Thanks for reporting.
We fixed it. The next release will have this fix.