XE4 to XE6


i made a project for OSX in Delphi XE4 with Firemonkey and the TMS FMX Controls.

On XE4 everythings works fine and look good, but on XE6, there are several components (eg. TTMSFMXSlider or TTMSFMXCalendarPicker) which are not working as expected.

The Slider Component displays a blue or white line in it middle and if i turn the slider, this line is disappearing.

The CalendarPicker opens BEHIND my active Form, so i cant pick any date on it. I see this, because its located at the bottom of my form and i see, that the calendar is open, but as i said, behind the form.

Do you have any idea what i have to do to bring this project to work with XE6?

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We will investigate the blue / white line issue but for the calendarpicker we can already say that the popup that is being used is broken as it relies on code that was working in XE4. We might have to completely redesign the popup, which is being used in the TTMSFMXEdit and TTMSFMXCalendarPicker.

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