xdatawebdataset - entitysetname

when I use xdatawebdataset together with xdatawebclientconnection it is not possible to retrieve the entitysetname property.

Can you please give more details? Settings of the components, the error message you get, what are the operations you are doing, what exactly do you mean by "not possible to retrieve the entitysename property"? Thank you.

Hi wagner,
Usually, when the dataset is connected to the clientconnection (which is set to true) i can see a list of entities in the entitysetnames property, from which i can chose the entity i wish connected to the dataset. But there is no list.

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Ralf Scheffler

By "usually" you mean that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't? When does it work, when it doesn't work?

Sorry, thats misleading. I mean: it works in tms webcore and dont work in webcore vsc at all.

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Indeed, for now, when you edit the EntitySetName property at design-time in Delphi, a dropdown list opens offering the entity set names to choose from. In VS Code, you have to type it manually.

We are investigating to improve this in future versions of the VS Code version.