XDataServer - Windows Service Issues

Have an XDataServer setup as a service, however when it runs it does not recognize the entities from the entity type file, but does see the service contracts and those services run fine. 

If I specify the model in the xdataserver, it then sees the entity types and they work fine, however the service contracts are not seen and do not work. 

Yes, I have the  model specified in the service contracts as...

  IgigOnline = interface(IInvokable)

Is there another place I need to specify the model so it get's recognized when using the model name, and why would the entity types get ignored when not specifying the modal name? 

I have a VCL desktop app that uses the exact same files, and all works fine when running it as a desktop.



I had to add 'Aurelius.Mapping.Attributes,' to the uses clause in the service contract file so it would understand the Modal attribute that was being added to the service.

Thanks for letting us know, Paul.