XDataServer and WorkFlow

I’m new to workflow

I have a new request from some clients to measure time on several task on my client app. Currently this is my app/server setup.

ClientApp connects to a XData Server(Windows Service app) and then the XDataServer send client data to a 3rd Server(My XDataserver works as a gateway to a 3rd servers, it also storage ClientApp data after sending data to the 3rd server).

I want to create workflowas and execute them based on the data sent by the ClientApp to my XDataServer and measure times.

for example ClientApp sends data A to my XDataServer, execute Workflow A, ClientApp send data B, execute workflow B, etc…

I have read Workflow doesn’t work ok on windows services apps.

Can this be done using workflow? Can this be done synchronizing Workflow internal work using correct synchronizing mechanism on my XDataServer code?

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

Indeed, current TMS Workflow Studio was not build to be used from service applications. It's strongly based on VCL and targeted to be used in VCL client-server applications.