xDataClient on Android

Hello all,

I need to use xDataClient with Android. It works well on the local machine if I compile and run for Windows.
If I run the Android app on the phone I get no response when using Client.Get... or Client.list... and finally app is shut down. But I do not get or see any hint what is going wrong.
I tried to get data from same local xData-Server with same port with IdHttp in an Android-app and get json data shown perfectly fine.

Can xDataClient be used with Android ?
Is there any setup or configuration needed to use xDataClient - currently I use everything as the installation did it.
I'm pretty new to Android development and I'm out of ideas after a lot of testing - do you know any pitfalls with xDataClient/Android or do you have any hints for me where to search ?

I use Delphi 10.4 latest version.

Thanks, Tom

I could manage to solve that now. I added android:usesCleartextTraffic="true" to the application section in the template of AndroidManifest.xml.
It was necessary to start a new project and recreate the project from scratch to get it work.

xDataClient works fine now with Android also !

Can I somehow close this issue myself ?

Thanks/Regards, Tom


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