XData service - how to install it

Maybe you guys know about how to install a service once you have compiled it.  I didn't.

I used the TMS xdata server wizard and made a service and compiled it.  But I know you have to install a service in order to find it in control panel services and start it.

So I looked in google for Windows, install service, and went down some weird .net route using installutil. A dead end, it says my .exe isnt an assembly.  Very helpful, not....

I looked further.  Its easy:  You just open a command prompt, as administrator.  And cd to the folder which the service .exe file is in.  Then type:

myservice.exe /install

It comes back with 'service installed'.  If you are not administrator, it either says nothing or gives an error message.

You go and look in control panel services and of course you cant see it....

Because it is called 'TMS hello server'. With no description. 

But you can start and stop the service in control panel/services.

Looks like its registry edits to add a description.

Hope that helps someone save some time.  Nice if documentation said this too.....