XData server not starting when Delphi is running

Sometimes my XData server does not start when Delphi (10.2.1 Tokyo) is running. Which is very inconvenient when developing. I then get an error stating the port I request is already being used (http://+:2021/myprogram). When I close Delphi I can run the program fine.
I have been trying to argue why this happens, but I can't find a reason. It does not happen all the time and it does not require the program heving been built.
It happens when I call the (Sparkle)server to start (THTTPSysServer.Start).
Can you tell me what the reason can be?

Can't it be that you have other frameworks/tools that listen to the same port? Or that you have your XData server running while debugging? 

Neither Sparkle or XData open any connection at design-time. They don't even have a design-time package. 

No, I haven't. I have scanned all parts of this project and there is only one place that initializes this port. Plus that the problem goes away when I stop Delphi.
It's also strange that it happened today, when I started the server after I compiled the client, but before I started the client. The client has a reference to this port, of course, but only at the clientside.
But if you are sure there can't be a relation to the servers itself, I will have to look elsewhere.

Well, never say never, specially in such strange behavior. But we don't have any code at design-time that runs any server, so I'm 99.99% sure that, at least related to something Delphi IDE-related, Sparkle/XData code is not the source of that issue.